Personalization, embroidery

Our martial art store offers you personnalization of your martial arts products. Embroidery service for your black belt, embroidery for your uniforms (doboks, vo phuc, kimono, karate-gi, tee shirts, caps...), Flocking personalization of the articles in our ranges. Make the difference and buy unic products, in an individual quantity or more quantities for the martial arts clubs.

14 euros

Embroidered sport towel


Embroidery at the top of clothes

9,50 euros

Dobok embroidery

8,90 euros

Heart side embroidery (suit, uniforms, tee shirt...)

8,90 euros

Embroidery belts

2,90 euros

Heart side flocking (suit, uniforms, tee shirt...)

6,50 euros

VO CO TRUYEN, VOVINAM embroidered badge

5,90 euros

Pants flocking

5,50 euros

Flocking at the back (suit, tee shirts, sweat shirts...)