Find in this department medical and paramedical clothing, such as medical coats for men and women, medical outfits for nurses, tunics and pants for practitioners in spas, therapists and massage practices , beautician's blouse ...

We are specialists in making uniforms. Quality of fabrics and cuts studied for elegance, hygiene, durability, comfort and ease of maintenance.

From the classic white blouse to the beautician's tunic, find a quality medical and paramedical range.

You will also find in this department, respiratory masks, protective visors and accessories for your training and your safety.

Set of 3 repsirator masks

Respiratory Protection Mask 3 layers of fabric


Lot de 3 Supports de tête pour masque

Lot de 5, 10, 50 visières de protection anti-projection

Bouclier de sécurité (réglable), adultes et enfants
Offre de lancement

COMFORT practitioner tunic - Gray

Beautician tunic, spa, hair salon blouse 

Offre de lancement

ASIA practitioner tunic - Beige

Beautician tunic, spa, hair salon blouse 

Tee shirt en lin blanc col Y

Haut décontracté, Acupuncture, Spa, Arts internes

Ensemble en lin blanc col Y

Tenue décontractée, Acupuncture, Spa, Arts internes

White medical pants

Mixed pants for medical service

Tenue médicale col V blanche

Blouse médicale unisexe

"TANG" Linen Tunic

Linen tee shirt

Linen Jacket Midnight blue

Blue linen tunic