White collar Dobok taekwondo DOUBLE Y "Challenger 2" neutral

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White collar WTF "Challenger 2" Dobok, ribbed fabric

65/35 polycotton, 8 oz fabric , this white collar dobok includes

Jacket and pants with elastic waist and draw string

Delivered with white belt Neutral in the back

Option: Your first name, your club's name in embroidery at the bottom of the jacket, click here

Dobok "CHALLENGER 2" is a uniform newly designed to replace "CHALLENGER" existing which had successful previous years.

High uniform: Flexibility and durability to meet the needs of all Taekwondo practitioners, novice or confirmed.

The label in the front of the dobok is now black, ribbed fabric 8 oz . The pant : elastic waist and and additional cord, quality sewing down at the bottom of the sleeves and legs of the pant.

Not turn yellow after washing, not shrinking.

DOUBLE Y CHALLENGER 2 , cotton fabric, 35/65% polyester. Neutralized odours and bacteria caused by sweat, 230 gr


The uniform's fabric is most often a blend of polyester and cotton, in varying proportions.

During the first wash, a slight shrinkage is possible. It is more important for the doboks pure cotton. For this reason, it is better to wash the dobok before to make a hem. Recommended washing temperature is 30 °.

Avoid bleach water.

A good quality dobok drying on a coat-hanger will not need to be ironed.

Matériau : 35/65 polycoton
Style : Taekwondo
Fabriquant : DOUBLE Y
Couleur : Blanc
Accessoires : Ceinture blanche
Double Y
    Delivery time:48 h
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